Welcome to the Volkis Handbook! Here, we store all the information for our own employees, customers, industry peers and anyone who’s interested. We have a philosophy of being open but secure so, as long as the data is not confidential, we try to publish it.

We’re constantly adding content and fixing issues, so please contribute if you’d like! Merge requests are more than welcome 🙏: https://gitlab.com/volkis/handbook.volkis.com.au/.

Enjoy perusing the page. 🙂


All about Volkis, who we are, how we work internally and who we want to be.


Area for anything relating to our people including incentives, benefits, bios, development, wellbeing and hiring.


Internal operations documents explaining how we do thing and what we use.


Information about the services we provide to our customers. Supporting documents are also in here.


All information for marketing, social media and associated strategies.