Physical Intrusion Inventory

We keep a box of tools used for our Physical Intrusion engagements. This box is shipped around the country if needed to help consultants break into sites like offices, warehouses, factories, and plants. Think of the gadgets like James Bond’s if he bought them from Aldi.

What’s in the box?

Queue Brad Pitt from Se7en.

Item Purpose
Brockerage Pick Gun x1 Quick way to try and pick locks
Ruler (cut) x1 Used as a shim that can be slid over and behind door plates
Door Shim (lg) x1 Used to shim door latches
Door Shim (sm) x1 Used to shim door latches
J-tool x1 Used to bypass door locks with accessible thumb latches
Commercial Door Hook x1 Used to bypass vulnerable commercial door locks
Elevator keys (set of 10) Some elevators can be controlled with known key cuts
Mirror x1 Slide under the door to see what’s on the other side
Ratcheting screwdriver x1 Multi-purpose
Pry tools (set of 3) Used to make a gap in doors for shimming or bypass
Hook & pick (set of 4) Multi-purpose
Metal wire Bypass some latch guards / door plates
Clipboard x1 Used for appearance when impersonating technicians/auditors
Lanyards: Staff, visitor, unmarked Used for appearance to look legitimate
Hi-vis vest x2 Used for appearance to look legitimate
Reusable cable ties Securely hold the box closed


These aren’t in the box but can also be used for physical intrusion when needed.

  • Proxmark3
  • Long-range RFID reader
  • Blank RFID cards
  • Under-the-door tool