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This page covers the different services offered by Volkis, a description, the benefits, and additional details on the service.

Penetration testing

For your business’ security, it is important to identify vulnerabilities that could allow adversaries access to your systems and data. Vulnerabilities that put your business at significant risk of a compromise are not only damaging for you. They could have an impact on your employees and your customers. Do you know your risk profile and what types of adversaries might attack you?

Penetration testing is our bread and butter! Volkis “pentesting” services will find the vulnerabilities that could be used to hack your networks, web applications, mobile applications, wireless networks, core services and cloud environments. A skilled penetration tester will use the same tools, techniques and instincts that that an adversary would to break into your systems.

What vulnerabilities exist in my systems? Do I need to worry about it? What could attackers do to me if exploited? What can I do to prevent this? All these questions can be answered with a penetration test.

Penetration testing types

Internal penetration testing

Find vulnerabilities from the perspective of an attacker inside your network.

Internal penetration testing methodology

External penetration testing

Test your internet-facing servers and services against external threats.

External penetration testing methodology

Web application penetration testing

Make sure your bespoke web applications are resiliant against attackers.

Web application penetration testing methodology

Mobile application penetration testing

Find those hidden vulnerabilities lurking inside your bespoke mobile apps.

Wireless penetration testing

See if hackers can break into your network through the wireless infrastructure.

Wireless penetration testing methodology

Optional additional services

Volkis has a modular ecosystem of auxiliary services. These services can be combined with a penetration test to better meet your goals or to increase visibility. Just like the Power Rangers combined into a more powerful robot, our services combine to give a better, more accurate result!

Remediation Assistance

We want to see you more secure.

To help our clients achieve a visible and measurable improvement in their security post penetration test, Volkis offers assistance in remediating the vulnerabilities that we have found. By working alongside your operations staff, we provide advice for how best to fix vulnerabilities, how to keep them closed and write scripts where required to automate the fix or test.

The consultant and the client contact work side-by-side either onsite at the client’s office or through a remote session. This high level of collaboration results in rapid remediation of vulnerabilities which can then be retested right away.

Optionally, a brief presentation can be given to technical staff at the start of the remediation process to create a plan of action.

This service is time-limited to 2 days.

Now, let’s get those vulns fixed!

Compliance Testing

Modern IT is required to meet the security expectations of customers, industry bodies, government standards, and internal management frameworks. With such expectations, it becomes critical to ensure that ensuring the compliance of systems and applications is ingrained in the organisation’s culture.

Volkis’ compliance testing involves a senior consultant reviewing the compliance obligations as supplied by you and creating a set of test cases for determining compliance that can be checked during the penetration testing. These test cases will be run by the tester during the penetration test, and will then be reported upon during the final report, with any compliance failures shown as a risk to the organisation.

Although the compliance testing will not be a full audit, the services can still provide an effective hunt for potential compliance failures and provide some greater assurance in the compliance of your systems.

Penetration Testing IR

Penetration testing can be thought of not just as a security assessment, but also as having a skilled attacker target your organisation. With our testers using the same tools and techniques as real-world attackers, you can leverage the penetration test to see whether your detection and response systems would have been capable at detecting those intrusions, and whether you would have been able to see the same activities.

Volkis’ Penetration Testing IR service comes in after the penetration test is complete, and runs the same routines that we would do if performing incident response after a real hack. Do your security systems collect details about what happened? Were you able to track the actions the testers took? If the testers compromised a system, could you tell?

Penetration testing IR allows you to assess your detection and response capability, and see if they are good enough to help you in the event of a real hack.

Detection alert testing

As offensive security testers we have to be aware of what alerts we set off and when. Usually our goal is to set off fewer alarms, but that is not always ideal when you would like to know more about whether those alerts are properly set and where those alerts are sent when they are triggered.

In our detection alert testing service, we will deliberately set off alerts in a methodical way so you can see those alerts in action. This could include planting malware, sending a “command and control” request to the internet, or performing malicious activity on a user account. These activities should be picked up by your security systems, allowing you to gain familiarity with the alerts and ensure they are working properly.

Developer/administrator workshop

The results of a penetration test are a learning opportunity for all of the people involved in setting up and administering the systems that are tested. They can use the results to find out what issues there were, learn from those issues, and avoid those issues in future tests.

In our developer/administrator workshop, we sit with those technical personnel, explain each vulnerability, give background causes of the vulnerability, and teach actionable ways of improving development and administration to ensure that the vulnerabilities don’t reoccur in the future.

Executive and board debrief

Cyber security is becoming a bigger issue for corporate executives and boards, with boards demanding that the risks associated with cyber security are managed as they are being held accountable for those risks.

In Volkis’ executive and board debrief, we use a principal consultant to analyse the results, contextualise the results in the organisation and industry, and provide the information in a presentation suitable for an executive or board audience. With exposure to both business and technical security, our principal consultant can bridge the gap to give your executive and board the information they need to make effective decisions to manage cyber security risk.

Root Cause Workshop

The vulnerabilities identified in penetration testing are often symptoms of underlying issues. The vulnerabilities could be cause by issues such as missing processes or procedures, missing underlying security controls, insecure practices, or insecure development styles.

Without addressing these root causes, the same kinds of vulnerabilities will be incorporated into other projects and systems, or will just return again at a later date. Your organisation will be chasing each new vulnerability as it comes up and is identified, wasting time and money. Hopefully your organisation is reacting in time before the vulnerability is exploited by a malicious attacker.

The Volkis root cause workshop brings together stakeholders, developers, administrators, and other relevant parties to go through each vulnerability and seek to highlight the root causes. The workshop will be facilitated by a principal consultant with advanced knowledge of underlying business processes, using tools and techniques such as the 5 Whys from Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma and industry standard frameworks such as NIST and ISO27001.

Following the workshop, the principal consultant will develop a report based on the outcomes and findings that will act as an addendum to the penetration testing report. This report will provide business level recommendations around fixing the root causes, recommendations that will save time and money by preventing vulnerabilities not just in the tested system but in all systems around the organisation and lower the overall risk to the organisation.

This component will be performed only if the results of testing show value in performing the workshop. If the Volkis principal consultant does not see the need for a dedicated root cause workshop, you will have the option of cancelling the workshop without any additional fees or penalties.

Additional retesting

Volkis provides a complementary retest for internet-accessible vulnerabilities. For further validation and on-site retesting, Volkis can provide additional retesting to ensure that the fixes you have put in for the vulnerabilities we find work. The consultant will re-run the exploits and test cases for the identified vulnerabilities to see whether or not the vulnerabilities still work.

Red team engagement

Volkis red team services will target your organisation over an extended period using skilled attackers, infrastructure specifically tailored to the engagement, and social engineering attacks to compromise sensitive information and core business services.

The engagement will be performed over a window period, usually 2-3 months. Our attackers will use drip scanning, passive investigation, and evasion techniques to get by your detection and response systems, breaking into your environment without being seen.

The targets will be information and systems that are relevant to your organisation and likely targets for attackers. Instead of targets such as “compromise an administration account”, we look for key business services such as your CRM, financial systems, critical applications, and your web infrastructure to identify real, meaningful impact to your organisation. This allows you to put the results into context and provides meaningful feedback to your executive and board.

Cloud security assessment

In a modern IT environment, the perimeter is becoming less defined, with organisations employing Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Your cloud environments could lead to your sensitive data being compromised and your key business services being exposed to potential availability impact.

In particular, AWS and Azure environments have complex permissions structures that could be manipulated by attackers to gain unauthorised access. Working out these permissions and the effects that they could cause requires in-depth knowledge of the security implications of choices made in these environments.

Volkis cloud security assessment services will review your cloud environment for common misconfigurations, permissions issues, insecure service usage, and insecure design. Our assessment services can cover:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Exchange Online

Security review

Tighten up the security of your systems and services with Volkis security reviews.

Volkis will compare the configuration of your system against industry standards and benchmarks and find potential opportunities for improvement. The technologies we can review include:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Windows 10/11 SOE

Social engineering

With Volkis social engineering exercises you can test the security awareness of your users, and incorporate the results into an ongoing security awareness programme.

Our social engineering capability includes:

  • Phishing attacks: We can send malicious emails to your users that will attempt to trick them into downloading software, providing credentials, or visiting a particular web site. Phishing attacks can be sent to a large number of users in a cost effective manner.
  • Vishing attacks (phone calls): We can test your employees or service desk to identify if they are likely to give out privileged information or credentials over the phone, or if they would be willing to undertake potentially damaging actions from an unknown source.
  • SMishing attacks (SMS): We can test your users’ abilities to detect a malicious text by sending SMS messages to their company phones. This text may instruct them to either download a malicious app or provide credentials.
  • Malicious USBs: We can provide malicious USBs that, when inserted into a user’s laptop or PC and executed, will call back to Volkis. This will test the likelihood of your users being tricked by a malicious attacker with physical access to your premises, or by someone who could send a USB stick through post.

Physical intrusion

Sometimes the easiest way to get access to your sensitive data is to simply walk in and take it. Volkis’ physical intrusion services will test your organisation to see if that is possible.

The services will first test the resilience of your access control and physical protection systems to see if they can be bypassed or broken. Can your passes be duplicated by someone standing next to them in the elevator? Can someone simply walk through a back door or open a window?

The consultant will then attempt to use social engineering techniques such as tailgating to gain physical access to the premises.

If access is gained, the consultant will collect evidence to see what can be gained from that physical access. Depending on the rules for the engagement, the consultant may take pictures of desks, access sensitive areas, or connect to the network using a laptop or a concealed network tap.

At the end of the engagement, the consultant will outline any weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations for improving the security of the physical premises. This could include improving access control, improving procedures and processes for handling entrants, or user education.

Security strategy advisory

Volkis security strategy advisory services will help you align the security of your organisation to your organisation’s strategic objectives. Whether it is tightening up the security to align to your risk appetite, or using security as an enabler for new business initiatives, our strategy advice will allow you to achieve your objectives and provide a greater level of security for lower cost.

Using security professionals with decades of experience, Volkis will provide high level analysis and advice, specific to your industry, organisation, and unique circumstances. We will help you define a 3-5 year strategy allowing long term stability with consistent expectation of security, fulfilling legal and compliance requirements and maintaining your customers’ trust.


ISO 27001

Show your customers you have your security under control with the international standard ISO27001. Recognised across the world, the standard provides a risk based approach that will optimise your security controls, leaving you with efficient and effective security. In addition, the standard is auditable, meaning you can show your customers your ISO27001 accreditation.

Volkis provides gap analysis and implementation services for ISO27001. We will walk you through the complete implementation of the framework in your environment, dealing with the different stakeholders in the business to ensure the project is a success.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Volkis can help your organisation gain alignment and maintain compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This framework provides a sensible baseline of security that is appropriate for all organisations. It is split into five sections: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

As part of our NIST compliance services, Volkis can guide you through using the NIST framework to enhance and optimise the security of your organisation. Whether you aim for full compliance, or you incorporate a subset of the framework into your security strategy, we can provide the visibility, analysis, policy and process development, and advisory services you require.

ACSC Essential 8

The ACSC has published eight essential security controls that it believes are appropriate for all organisations. These are:

  • Application whitelisting
  • Patch applications
  • Configure Microsoft Office macro settings
  • User application hardening
  • Restrict administrative privileges
  • Patch operating systems
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Daily backups

Volkis has built an assessment methodology that can test your organisation against the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Model. This assessment methodology uses automated and manual tools and techniques to test which controls are in place and which controls and what maturity level each control aligns to in your organisation.

Volkis consultants can then provide recommendations and advisory services for improving the maturity level of your organisation and gain alignment with the standard. This can be used to show your clients and government agencies you have the baseline of security in place.


Executive education

Executives and boards are now accountable for cyber security risks. Volkis executive education provides the information that they need to judge and account for those risks.

As part of our executive education programme, Volkis provides in-person relevant information and analysis. This can be performed in one or multiple presentations for your executive.

The presentations will be tailored to your organisation, but will usually cover:

  • An overview of the security landscape;
  • An overview of security within your industry;
  • Results of security initiatives such as security strategy, penetration testing, and red team engagements;
  • The legal and regulatory requirements for your business;
  • An overview of how hacking works, and some things attackers can do to compromise systems;
  • Recommendations for securing your personal systems.