Third-party service providers

We use a lot of 3rd party service providers. Following the Volkis mantra of “do what you love”, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel for everything we do. Hence, we rely on others to do what they love, so that we can focus on what we love. Here is a list of our 3rd party providers and their purpose:

Software Department Used for
Microsoft Office 365 All Email, authentication provider
Microsoft SharePoint All Storing company wide data and project data
Microsoft Teams All Video conferencing
Slack All Communication, chat, ChatOps
Trello All Tracking tasks & projects
Qwilr Sales Creating and distributing proposals
Pipedrive Sales Customer resource manager, contact tracking
Amazon AWS Operations Hosting infrastructure, sending SMSs & emails
CloudFlare Operations DNS, proxy, WAF
GitLab Operations Code repo, hosting this Handbook
Algolia Operations Search function for the Handbook
Zapier Operations Automation for multiple processes
Resource Guru Operations Scheduling projects, time management
Twitter Marketing Social media
LinkedIn Marketing Social media
Xero Finance Finance, invoicing, payroll