Workflow automations & integration

This page contains a list of automation used between software, triggers and actions they perform as well as any custom integrations.

Trigger Systems involved Process Result
Report Delivered item checked Trello   Move card to Post-engagement, set Retest expiry date to 3 months from now
Preparation checklist completed Trello   Card added to top of Ready to go list
Any item is checked Trello, Slack   Message displayed in Slack project channel showing the checked item
Do project folder, Slack channel, schedule create (Auto) is checked Trello, Zapier, SharePoint, Slack, Resource Guru 1. Trello sends POST request to Zapier webhook
2. Zapier authenticates to Graph API
3. Batch request is prepared
4. Batch request sent to Graph API
5. Project folder template created in SharePoint
6. Slack channel created
7. Topic set in channel
8. Trello bot, Project Coordinator, and Relationship Manager added to channel
9. Trello card link written in channel
10. Client created/retrieved in Resource Guru
11. New Project created in Resource Guru
12. Zapier gets Slack channel permalink
13. Slack permalink added to Trello card
New SharePoint channel created, new Slack channel created, new Resource Guru project created
User is added/removed to/from Trello card Trello, Zapier, SharePoint, Slack 1. Trello sends POST request to Zapier webhook
2. User is permissions on the relevant SharePoint folder is added/removed.
3. If removing, stop here
4. Zapier gets list of Channel IDs and Names from Slack
5. Zapier converts Channel Name to ID
6. Find Slack user ID from email
7. Invite user to Slack channel
User gets/loses write perms on project folder and added to Slack channel (but never removed)
Proposal is viewed for first time Qwilr, Slack   Slack message sent to #general
Proposal accepted Qwilr, Zapier, Trello, Pipedrive, Xero, MailChimp 1. Get Pipedrive Op & Client
2. Generate unique Project ID
3. Update Project ID, value, Proposal URL & close Op
4. Trello card created with Project ID added
5. Checklists Pre/Post engagement added to card
6. Create draft invoice in Xero, also creating a new client in Xero if needed
7. Add signer to MailChimp if they opt in
New message in Slack. Pipedrive closed with updated info. New project card in Trello. New invoice in Xero and possibly new client in Xero
Volkis RR Template master branch changed Gitlab, Zapier 1. CI/CD Sends relevant files to Zapier
2. Zapier adds/updates files to Storage
Updated template files in Storage by Zapier
Generate proposal in Qwilr button is pressed Pipedrive, Hit the Pipe, Zapier, Qwilr 1. Pipedrive directs user to a URL in Hit the Pipe
2. Hit the Pipe gets Deal data from Pipedrive
3. Hit the Pipe sends Deal data to Zapier webhook
4. Zapier creates a new proposal in Qwilr, autofilling some fields
5. When finished, Zapier sends a callback request to Hit the Pipe with the new Qwilr project ID
6. Hit the Pipe adds Qwilr proposal URL to Deal
7. User redirected to new proposal URL
New proposal made, user redirected to proposal page, Pipedrive updated with Proposal URL
Client submits the New client onboarding form MS Forms, MS Power Automate, Slack 1. Client fills in and submits form
2. Form is parsed by Power Automate and sent to the bbooks Slack channel.
Form fields appear in Slack channel.
A new project card is created in Trello Trello 1. A card is added to the Engagements board
2. The description field is read from the “Project Card Template” card.
3. The description is written to the new card.
The description template appears in the new card.