Volkis overview

Company overview

Volkis was established by experienced, passionate, and dedicated security consultants that wanted to raise the bar for security consulting. We wanted to do better, finding more, and help our clients get better outcomes.

To give you the greatest outcome, we seek to give you more than just a penetration test. We provide services above and beyond what a penetration test normally includes, such as playing an active role in remediation, helping you with your compliance, testing your detection and response capability, and providing detailed security reviews for your business critical services. By coupling these auxiliary services with your penetration test you can get more out of the original test and expand your field of vision.

As your ally in the world of cyber security, we will gain an understanding of what your organisation is trying to achieve, and align our consulting to help you achieve those goals. We aim to give you an outcome that is relevant to you, not just generic results. Our approach is vendor-agnostic, with advice that is unbiased and free from commercial restraints.

We bring decades of industry experience to our penetration testing. Our testers hold industry standard certifications such as OSCP, CRT, CISSP, CISM and CISA, and have experience in the financial industry, banking, government, critical infrastructure, legal, manufacturing, construction, retail, healthcare, and charity sectors.

Our philosophy

At Volkis, our focus is always people. The world is not run by governments or businesses or organisations. It is run by everyday people who are trying their best to live a happy and fulfilling life which is transformed into a fascinating story. It is truly a beautiful thing to be able to hear people’s stories, so we want everyone around us to thrive. This is the first principal of Volkis.

Our own employees are like family to us. We want to take care of them as much as possible so they can thrive! People who thrive will naturally do better, are happier, work smarter and it is truly a wonderful thing when that happens. We want them to feel safe with us, like someone has their back, not just with work but also in life. We want to do what we love and at the same time provide great things to the people (sometimes called “clients”) around us.

Our clients are equally as important. Their employees, their customers, their stakeholders, etc are all people we want to help by using our skills in infosec to prevent a negative impact to their lives in the form of malicious hacking. We have seen companies disappear overnight and the devastating effect it has on its employees. We have seen credit scores be destroyed through identity theft, significantly impacting that person’s ability to buy a house. The cost of a breach is not measured in dollars at Volkis, but by the devastation it causes people.

Our ultimate goal is to protect the people around us.

Volkis company information

  • ABN: 80 636 000 774
  • ACN: 636 000 774